FAQ - Longevity Grants

What's the catch?

None! The Fund was developed to support and encourage work in the field of longevity, but we can only reach a small amount of people this way. We developed the The Longevity Grant Program to broaden our reach, and to directly support initiatives and ideas which may not be classical targets of venture capital.

How may I use the money?

The money is a personal grant - there are no restrictions on how you use the money and we do not expect you to use it to fund your research. Should you develop your idea further, the grant does not give The Longevity Fund any rights over your intellectual property or equity in any future companies (although if you do develop your idea further, we would love to hear about it!)

Who can apply?

We encourage graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and people with unconventional backgrounds to apply.

How will we select the recipients?

We are looking for smart, enthusiastic young people who have the drive and desire to make an impact on the field of longevity.

Do I need to be studying or researching longevity?

Nope! We don't care what you are studying right now and you do not need to be currently working on or researching the topic of your proposal.