Apply your technical training to biotech entrepreneurship.

Venture Fellows will conceptualize, build, and launch biotech companies at the cusp of longevity science. You will work in a team of 2–3 peers, collaboratively panning the relevant literature to propose and support your thesis. Over the three month period, you will go from hundreds of ideas to 1-2 leads, culminating in a demo day at the end of the program. The best leads will receive funding from AGE1, our biotech accelerator program, and you will have the opportunity to continue with the company after the fellowship period or return to your academic program.

You will be responsible for identifying promising and potentially transformational science and devising a strategy to quickly and cheaply determine its translational viability. You will develop a broad understanding of the landscape, with deep dives into the biology around a few select targets and strategies. You will consider opportunities and risks from the basic biology to the competitive landscape and clinical trial design. Along the way, we will host experts on topics ranging from small molecule screen design to raising venture capital, along with regular journal clubs and lab meetings.

You are excited to ensure that science breakthroughs actually touch real patients.

You are excited to work with interdisciplinary scientists and engineers from machine learning, biology, chemistry and physics and ready to bridge the communication barriers between disciplines.

By the end of the three months, you will have:

An investment thesis around a new asset, pathway, or technology

Designed key experiments and core go/no go gates for validating your thesis

Built the story and strategy around the thesis in the context of the larger biopharma space and patient need


The Longevity Fund is an early-stage biotechnology venture capital fund. We invest in companies developing therapeutics which have the potential to extend the healthy human healthspan and lifespan.

The Venture Fellows program is a 3-month summer fellowship for the best undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs.


The program will run from June 1st to August 31st, 2019. We can be flexible with exact dates to fit your academic schedule.


The program is full-time in San Francisco, California. Fellows will be based out of our offices in SoMa.

About you

We are looking for ambitious students who have technical excellence in their field of choice, including but not limited to: Life sciences, for example biology, biochemistry, chemistry, neuroscience; engineering, for example bioengineering and nanotechnology; computer science including machine learning/AI; physics and mathematics.

Other details

The program has a stipend of $5,000 per month. Housing is not provided, but we are happy to help you find a place. There are six positions available. Unfortunately, we are unable to sponsor US visas. There is no formal closing date and admissions are rolling.

Program Structure

Over the period of the fellowship, you will become the expert on your scientific area of choice - the program is designed to support your learning and increase your effectiveness by providing knowledge, connections, and resources as needed.

You will have access to private talks with experts on a wide variety of topics relevant to biotech entrepreneurship and drug development. Additionally, we will have Monday lab meetings, weekly journal clubs, seminars with and regular 1:1’s between the managing partner of the Fund and fellows.


Month 1: Pan the 2018 aging literature


Month 2: Deep dive on 3-5 ideas


Month 3: Build your proto-biotech company