Investing in Human Longevity


Seed and Series A VC with $37M under management, investing in breakthrough longevity companies


What We Do

In the 20th century, we learned that healthy lifespan is malleable. The scientific pathways behind this effect are incredibly complex and difficult to correctly control, but manipulating them may lead to new treatments for age-related disease. We want to get these therapeutic advances translated safely to patients as quickly as possible.

Longevity Fund companies have collected >$500M in follow-on funding, resulting in the 2018 IPO of the first company dedicated to reversing the diseases of aging, and multiple programs in clinic to reverse or prevent age-related disease. 


125 Labs

Internal company creation

Conceptualizing, building, and scaling frontier biotechnology companies



Biotechnology accelerator

Supporting early-stage companies and scientific founding teams


Longevity Fund

Seed to Series A investment

Founder-friendly investing in therapeutics and platform technology